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I’ve been fortunate on many occasions to have mentored students while pursuing my Doctoral Degree. I try to mentor with the goal of deepening students understanding of biological concepts and research methodology, but I also teach them skills they can use to capitalize upon in industry or independently. Here are some of my mentees and projects I have helped to develop.

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Spring 2022

Brooke is a junior at Auburn University majoring in Biology with the desire to become a biomedical research scientist. After successfully completing her husbandry tasks for our lab's Mus colony in Fall 2020, she expressed interest in working in a laboratory setting. As such, Brooke was permitted to assist in genotyping new mice for T-Haplotype through PAGE in Spring 2021. Now well versed in wet lab methods, Brooke is interested in bioinformatics. Currently, the purpose of her project is to identify mutations within two mitochondrial genes of her interest from sequence data obtained from our colony of house mice. She will then review the mutations to predict which would be most likely result in mitochondrial or physiological dysfunction.

Currently, Brooke is learning how to use tools to detect, analyze, and represent genomic differences.

To date, Brooke has completed learning the following:

Reinforced Concepts

The importance of sequence direction

Central Dogma

GitHub and Introductory Coding



Bioinformatics Applications Tools

ExPasy Translation Tool​

SWISS-Model for Modelling Proteins



Genome Viewers (IGV) and BLAT

Galaxy (Web-based platform for biomedical research)

Project Start Date: January 14th, 2022

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