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My outreach efforts generally combine my passions for teaching and improving STEM education for people of all backgrounds.

Outreach: News


Jr. Mad Scientist is an outreach event hosted by the Graduate Women In Science (GWIS) student group and the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM) Outreach Department. The goal of GWIS is to inspire the next generation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students, and the mission of these events is to enhance science literacy and engagement within our community by providing relevant science activities to students. This event is a FREE, open house style event for children in 1st-5th grades. Children and their chaperone have the opportunity to browse tables, participate in demonstrations and complete, make, and take activities hosted by women from across campus in STEM disciplines. Participants will move from station to station, participating in the science demonstrations and listening to the graduate women's explanations.

On Tuesday October 26th, 2021, I hosted Vat Smells, a vampire-themed perfume counter providing children with kits to create flapping bat crafts based on the bat scents students preferred. Many people are unaware different bats have unique scents. Some might smell like burnt oranges, some smell fishy, others might smell like corn tortillas or even skunks!

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